Different Forms of Personal Pronouns

Different Forms of Personal Pronouns :

First Person (Masculine or Feminine)


Possessive…. my, mine….our, ours
Accusative….. me….us

Second Person (Masculine or Feminine)


Possessive…. Thy, Thine…. your, yours

Third Person : Singular

Case….. Masculine…..Feminine…..Neuter

Possessive….his…. her, hers….its

Third Person : Plural

Case….. All genders

Possessive….their, theirs

My, your, his, her, its, one’s and theirs are determiners. These determiners also do the work of the adjectives. So, they are often called Possessive Adjectives.

This is my house.
We have got a new dog.
What is its name?
It is called Remy.

Mine, yours, his, hers, ours and theirs are pronouns and are not used with articles.

The cycle is mine.
This signature is yours.

Yours, hers, ours and theirs are spelt without apostrophe.


Whose car is this?
Here WHOSE is a determiner.
The word WHOSE determines the ownership of the card.

Whose is this?
Here WHOSE is a pronoun.
Here, the word WHOSE stands for the one who owns this.

That is Seenu's bike.
Seenu’s bike – determiner

That bike looks like Seenu's.
like Seenu's – Pronoun

MINE : (Pronoun) - [possessive form of I]

The one that belongs to me.
The ones that belong to me.

That's your shirt. Mine (my shirt) is here.
That's mine!
Give it back to me.
She borrowed a book of mine.

OURS : (Pronoun) [possessive form of we]

(The one or ones of or belonging to us)

This is your room and ours is next door.
Ours is on the table.
Ours are on the table.
She said it was hers. But we told her it was ours.
She is a friend of ours.

YOURS : (Pronoun) [possessive form of you]

Of the person or people spoken to

This is our room and yours is at the end of the hall.
Yours is green.
Yours are green.
Is not he a friend of yours?

YOURS FAITHFULLY & YOURS TRULY are used to end a formal letter that begins with Dear Sir(s) / Madam.

YOURS SINCERELY is used to end a less formal letter that begins…

Dear Mr. Ram,
Dear Miss. Jones,

YOURS, BAKER & YOURS TRULY! are other ways of concluding the letters.

Note : In English, YOURS SINCERELY is the most common way of ending a letter to someone whose name you know.

YOURS FAITHFULLY is used when writing to someone whose name you do not know.

In informal letters, many other endings are possible such as….YOURS & BEST WISHES.

THEIRS : (Pronoun) [Possessive form of they]

Of those people, animals or things already mentioned

I do my work and they do theirs.
He is a friend of theirs.

HIS : (Pronoun) [That / those belonging to him]

Which part is Ahmed's?
Is this one his?
His is on the table.
His are on the table.
Everyone wants only what is his by right

HERS : (Pronoun) [Possessive form of She]

Of that female person or animal already mentioned

This is my coat and hers is over there.
My shoes are red and hers are brown.
He's a friend of hers.

Study the following.
This is my car.
Those are your books.
That is her pen.

[my, your and her are called possessive adjectives]

This is his car. (his : Possessive Adjective)
This car is his. (his : Possessive Pronoun)

This pen is mine.
This pen is yours.
These pens are mine.
These pens are yours.
This pen is hers.
That car of yours is simply smart.

Different Forms of Personal Pronouns

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Different Forms of Personal Pronouns
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