Diligent :

Diligent : (adjective) - (of people) or (their behaviour)

Meanings :

1. hardworking

2. showing steady careful effort

Example Sentences :

1. The girl is diligent in her habits.

2. Diligent police enquiries eventually turned up some clues.

3. Diligent students occasionally fail in their subjects.

4. This boy is more diligent than all other boys in this school.

5. Kumar is a diligent and prolific worker.

6. She is the more diligent than other two boys.

7. After years of diligent research, they had concluded that this copy was the original.

8. You should take care of your sister who is a diligent student.

9. The important discovery has been made after years of diligent research by scholars.

10. My mother is a diligent housekeeper.


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