Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct and Indirect Speech :

Convert to indirect speech.

1. Renuka said, ‘Mr. Rane is having a tough time managing both his job and his business.’

2. Mrs. Geeta said, ‘Eat wholesome food and exercise to have a healthy and balanced life.’

3. The station manager said, ‘All trains will run only on the fast train tracks.’

4. Mrs. Preeti said, ‘Regular study will make you less stressed and happier.’

5. Viren said, “The salesman verified all the contents while the goods were being dispatched.’

6. Father said, ‘I have checked all the latches and locks of the main door before I went to sleep.’

7. I said, ‘I checked all the arrangements myself to avoid any mix-up.’

8. He said, ‘I take my father’s advice before I take any important decision.’

9. The owner told Mr. Rao, ‘Sir, I am always fair to my employees.’

10. I told my partner, ‘Sorry for this financial mess. I will make up for your losses ultimately.’

11. I said to my friend, ‘Let us take that new route even though it is longer.’

12. The President said, “Let no child be left behind when it comes to good education.’

13. Veena said, ‘Mummy, let me join the dance class in school.’

14. I said, “The taxi driver wants to charge extra for returning without a passenger.’

15. “I know, where you hide all your money,’ I told my friend.

16. “Where were you at the time of the murder?’ asked the policeman.

Change into direct speech.

1. She said that she had won the first prize for Chemistry.

2. The airhostess told the passengers not to take photographs at the airport.

3. My grandfather lovingly wished me success in my venture.

4. He exclaimed that it had been a perfect goal.

5. The mother exclaimed that her daughter had fallen and hurt her knee.

6. He greeted his friend and enquired whether he had fully recovered from his illness.

7. I told mother not to worry about me and that I would be careful while driving.

8. Shilpa requested her father to let her join her friends for the trip to the beach.

9. The preacher urged his audience to respect elders and have respect for all living creatures.

Change these sentences as instructed. This will give you better practices.


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Direct and Indirect Speech

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