Direct Speech to Indirect Speech

Direct Speech to Indirect Speech :

Convert the following sentences from Direct to Indirect.

1. We said to him, "The weather is stormy and the way is long."

2. He said to us, "The carriage has come and we shall start soon."

3. The teacher told us, "The prize will be presented tomorrow."

4. He said to me, "The rain has been falling since day-break and you cannot go."

5. We said to him, "You will feel better when you have had a rest."

6. He said to me, "I am glad to tell you that you have won the prize."

7. He said, "The man has started, but he has not yet arrived.”

8. We heard him say, "I will agree to what you propose, if you sign this."

9. He said to me, "You are mistaken. You will not go today.”

10. Hasain said to me, "I shall leave this place as soon as I can.”

11. Hasain said to me, "You will be tired before you arrive.”

12. Hasain said to me, "Our friend arrived yesterday and will go today."

13. My son exclaimed, "Someone has taken the book I was reading."

14. He made a promise, "I will come, if I can."

15. He said, "I have been very ill but am now better."

16. Pilate replied to the Jews, "What I have written, I have written."

17. He said to me, "You are lucky and I am unlucky."

18. They said, "The boy is hiding in the place where we him."

19. They said, "The boy will soon be found and we will bring him."

20. The sage said, "Heaven helps those who help themselves.”

Direct Speech to Indirect Speech :

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