Direct Speech to Indirect Speech

Direct Speech to Indirect Speech :

Change the following from Direct to Indirect Speech.

1. He said, "Who could have expected such a turn of events?"

2. "Good morning, Mamma! Have you slept well?" cried the child gaily, embracing her mother.

3. "How clever I am!" he said. "All my life I have been talking prose without knowing it."

4. "Call no man happy," was the reply of the philosopher, "until he has ended his life in a fitting manner."

5. Portia said to Shylock, "Can Antonio not pay back the sum you lent him?" Bassanio eagerly broke in, "He can pay that and more."

6. She called out angrily, "So you have been hitting Makhan again?" Phatik answered indignantly, "No, I haven't. Who told you that?" His mother shouted, "Don't tell lies! You have."

7. Joseph said to James, “I can tell you what strikes me as the most useful machine in the world." James replied, "Can you, Joseph? I should like to hear of it. What is it used for?"

8. "What do you mean?" asked the man. "How can a rope be used for binding flour?" "A rope may be used for anything," replied the man, "when I do not wish to lend it."

9. Once the rich man said to his poorer brother, "Why do you not enter the service of the king, so that you may release yourself from the baseness of labour?"

10. Finding no remedy, he said to himself, "It is better to die than to live in such misery as I am compelled to suffer from a master who treats me and always has treated me, so unkindly."

11. "Peace, foolish girl!" answered King Minos. "What hast thou to do with an affair like this? It is a matter of state policy. Go, water thy flowers and think no more of these men."

12. "Forward, my men," the General said, "and face the foe bravely. It is true that they are more in numbers than we are, but what of that? If we retreat now, our women will scorn us and we shall be branded for ever with the name of coward."

13. "Young men, whom I see in such large numbers, you are the hope of your country. Your country expects great things from you. Now I ask how many of you are prepared, when you have finished your studies, to devote your lives to the good of your country? I repeat the question and pause for a reply" (Several voices "We'll try our best.")

Direct Speech to Indirect Speech :

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