Direct Speech to Indirect Speech

Direct Speech to Indirect Speech :

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"If I allow you to come and stay with me for the holidays it will only be on the understanding that you live very quietly here. I am not a rich man and when I have paid your school fees very little is left beyond what I need for my ordinary living expenses. Please, therefore, my son, remember this and do not be extravagant. Will you promise to do exactly as I tell you?"

The violent man said, "What violence have I done? What anger have I been guilty of?" Then the others laughed and said to him, "Why should we speak? You have given us ocular proof of your violent temper."

The robber said to Alexander, "I am thy captive. I must hear what thou art pleased to say and endure what thou art pleased to inflict. But my soul is unconquered; and if I reply at all to thy reproaches, I will reply to thee like a free man."

He made a promise to the king's surgeon, saying, "Bleed the king to death with this lancet, and I will give you a thousand pieces of gold and when I ascend the throne, you shall be my chief minister."

"Who are you? demanded Apollo.

"My name is Death,” answered the spectre in a hollow voice. "I have come to take my own. But why are you armed with a silver bow? Have you come to stand between me and my victim?

"Fear not," answered Apollo, "I would prevent you by persuasion, not by force."

"Prevent me, indeed! Do you expect me to give up my prey?”

"No, no : take the old and spare the young," replied Apollo.

"Why have you come to me at this unearthly hour?” She said in a tone of annoyance. “Don't you know I never see anvbodv at my house?"

“I'm sorrv, madam,” he replied, "for having disturbed you. But I hope you remember the promise you gave me yesterday."

“Promise!" she exclaimed. “I don't remember having given you any promise. Don't bother me. Go away.'

"But, madam " he began.

“Get out,' she shouted, “or I'll have you thrown out by my servants."

'You are wiser than vou were. King Midas!” said the stranger, looking seriously at him. "Your own heart, I perceive, has not entirely changed from flesh to gold. Were it so, your case would indeed be desperate. Tell me now if you sincerely desire to rid yourself of this Golden Touch.”

"It is hateful to me," replied Midas.

“Go then," said the stranger, " and plunge into the nver that elides past the bottom of your garden."

Direct Speech to Indirect Speech :

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