Direct Speech to Indirect Speech

Direct Speech to Indirect Speech :

Change the following from Direct to Indirect Speech.

Put the following dialogue between Passenger and Porter into the Indirect form.

Passenger : Can you tell me what platform the train for Liverpool starts from?

Porter : No. 16, sir.

Passenger : And at what time does it leave?

Porter : At 5.30, sir.

Passenger : Will there be a dining-car attached to the train?

Porter : Yes, sir, most of these long-distance trains have a dining-car attached. Shall I take your bag to the right platform?

Passenger : If you please, but I must get my ticket first.

"Would you put a five-rupee note into the fire to keep it burning?" I said.

"No. How absurd!" replied Rama, my peasant-friend, laughing.

"But why is it absurd?" I persisted.

"Because I can buy so many things with five rupees," said Rama.

"Quite right!" I cried triumphantly. "But don't you see that cow-dung too has a better use than to be burnt?"

Put the following dialogue between Alexander and Diogenes into the Indirect form as Alexander might report it to one of his generals.

Alexander : Is there anything you want?

Diogenes : Nothing that you have.

Alexander : I have the world at command.

Diogenes : And I in contempt.

Alexander : You shall live no longer than I wish.

Diogenes : But I shall die, whether you wish it or not.

Alexander : How should one learn to be content?

Diogenes : Unlearn to covet.

Alexander : Were I not Alexander, I should wish to be Diogenes.

Change the following conversation between Socrates and a villager into the Indirect Form of Narration after a Verb in the Past Tense thus…The villager asked Socrates.

Villager : Prices are getting higher and higher, Socrates. What is the reason for this?

Socrates : In war-time everyone is busy. Some join the army, some work in factories and some help to produce food. Everyone gets better wages and all want to spend their money and they cannot buy all the things they want.

Villager : Why is that?

Socrates : Because many of the men who used to make these things are now in the army or doing other work.

Villager : What happens then, Socrates?

Socrates : Prices go up.

Direct Speech to Indirect Speech :

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