Direct Speech to Indirect Speech

Direct Speech to Indirect Speech :

Convert the following direct speech statements into the indirect speech.

1. ‘I have something to show you,’ he said to her.

2. The captain said, “The aircraft will take off in a few minutes.’

3. ‘I have a German lesson this afternoon and I haven’t done my homework yet,” said the small boy.

4. “We have moved into our new flat. We don’t like it as much as we liked our last house,” said Mrs. Kumar.

5. Ishaan said, ‘A television reporter came to meet father when he was sleeping.’

6. The speaker said, “A wise man corrects a wrong opinion whereas a fool sticks to it.’

7. “We have a lift, but very often it does not work,’ said Harman.

8. ‘I’ve been in London for a month but so far I haven’t had time to visit the Buckingham Palace,’ said Mohan.

9. Mrs. Ahmed said, “Ashfaq did not go to school today because he was suffering from severe cold and high fever.’

10. She said, ‘I will do the work myself.’

Direct Speech to Indirect Speech

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