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Discipline :

Discipline is an important factor in the life of a nation and an individual. It is the pulse of the nation. If the pulse stops functioning then there is no life. In the same if there is no discipline, there is nothing in that country. The progress of a nation, its peace and happiness depend to a great extent upon discipline. In other words, if the citizens of a nation are disciplined, then there would be no problem at all. Aristotle once said, “Discipline is the obedience to rules formed by the society for the good of all.” In a democratic nation discipline is very essential. Democracy and discipline go together.

Indiscipline leads to anarchy, dictatorship, or foreign invasion. Establishment of a disciplined nation is not an easy task. It requires a number of factors.

1) The citizens - their educational standard, cultural background, behaviour, the way of life and food habit

2) The educational institutions - its teaching fraternity, administration its way of functioning

3) Social and religious factors

4) Integrity, personality, capacity and educational and cultural standard of the rulers and religious heads

5) Social and cultural conditions of social organisations.

6) Citizens

If there is discipline in the above fields of activity, certainly and surely that nation is supreme and a model.

Discipline doesn’t mean military discipline. Discipline that is required in the life of an individual is rather different. It tells us to live like a true human being. What does it mean? A man may have a human form but lacks in human dignity and qualities then he is not considered as a man. The noble qualities like love, affection, generosity, sharing of both happiness and misery of others, helping nature would constitute SATHVIC nature. This SATHVA GUNA will be found only in a disciplined man and not otherwise. Every step and every action of our life must have discipline. Without it our life will be miserable. All the activities from early morning till night require certain principles. Getting from the bed, breakfast, office-duty, lunch, supper and sleep, behaviour towards others require fixed timings. People should follow this time table strictly. Such kind of life brings happiness and contentment and good health. For example - Sir M.V. and A.N. Murthy Rao. So discipline must become a way of life. Its presence in schools and colleges offices and public life is very essential.

What is the situation today?

If we start to write about it, there will be no end. It becomes another epic. With great pain and sorrow we have to agree that there is no discipline in our country. In every field of activity we see indiscipline. The rampant of corruption, terrorism, communal clashes, students unrest and party clashes are all due to indiscipline and lack of moral fear. The whole world is watching the affairs of our Legislative Assemblies and the Parliament sessions. We have sown the seeds of indiscipline and now we are reaping the bitter fruits there of.


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