Dispense :

Dispense - (verb)

to give out to a number of people

1. A judge dispenses justice.
2. This machine dispenses coffee.

Dispense : to mix and give out (medicine)

1. The compounder dispenses medicine.

Dispense with - to do without or to manage to exist without

1. We shall have to dispense with the van. We can not afford it.

Dispense with : to make unnecessary (or) to allow the lack of

1. I dispensed with the services of my servant.
2. The new computer system will dispense with need for keeping files.

Note : Sometimes a verb is followed by a preposition. Sometimes, a verb is followed by no preposition. But the meaning is not that same in both the cases.

A preposition is capable of altering the meaning of a verb.

Note the examples above.


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