Dowry System

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Dowry System :

Dowry system has become one of the worst possible problems in India. It is a social evil. What does dowry mean?

It is cash or goods given by the father of the girl to his son-in-law. The amount of money and goods vary. It depends upon the economic, social and educational status of the bride- groom and also girl’s father.

When did this evil system start? It is impossible to give an exact time or day. Any how it is a very old system. In olden days parents provided their daughters with some wealth at the time of their marriage. Then it became obligatory on the part of the parents in certain communities. The parents gave dowry according to their will and their wealth. There was no force and it was not claimed as a matter of right. Even the poor parents were obliged to pay dowry.

Now-a-days it has become an integral part of the marriage and a custom. As already mentioned dowry includes money, vehicles (two-wheeler or four-wheeler), land, site, ornaments and other valuable things. It depends upon the educational qualification of the bride-groom. An ordinary graduate may get very small amount where as a doctorate, engineering, technological degree holders will get huge amount of money and materials. It is nothing but a kind of business. The parents of the boy sell their product and the patents of the girl buy that product by giving money and materials. If the parents fail to give these things, the girl would be harassed for no fault of her. In many cases people resort to inhuman acts of killing their daughter-in-law, by burning her alive. This is really a horrible thing. There will be bride-burning reports in the newspaper everyday. This inhuman act has become a common thing. In certain circumstances some young women commit suicide.

The main reason for its grip on society is this. The laws of the land on dowry are ambiguous, not stringent in their application. There are a lot of loopholes. A rich man destroys evidence and sometimes influence justice in his favour. Though the Government of India passed a law abolishing dowry, it failed to root out this evil and inhuman system. It is increasing without any check. The rich can afford to pay whatever the boy's parents ask. But what will be the fate of the poor and middle class people. This problem cannot be solved by mere law. It requires a number of measures to solve this problem. Parents of girls should educate them. It the girls are highly educated and employed, the question of dowry does not arise. Our belief that “a girl cannot live without marriage” should go. The educated youths should protest against this evil. The social organisations of women should conduct protest march, meetings and they must it out. These organisations must boycott the persons who demand dowry and lodge complaints in the police stations.

The law of the land should punish them severely. There should not be any interference in this case by political leaders and high officials. Complete freedom should be given to the concerned officials who deal with this dowry case.

Dowry System

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