Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde :

On a cold winter’s day in London, Edward Hyde had been stopped and accused of having trampled a girl.

“It was an accident,” said Hyde.

People who had seen the incident said, “No human could walk over a little girl and continue to keep walking even when the poor girl kept screaming.”

Edward Hyde was asked to pay a hundred pounds. He handed over a cheque which bore the signature of Dr. Henry Jekyll. Utterson a lawyer who was in the crowd, a very close friend of Dr. Jekyll, believed that the cruel Mr. Hyde was possibly blackmailing Dr. Jekyll.

“That was the reason for Mr. Hyde giving a cheque in the good doctor’s name,” thought Utterson.

Now, Dr. Jekyll was a well known name in London and one of the most respected doctors.

Utterson received the will from Dr. Jekyll a few days later, suggesting that all his wealth was to be written off to Mr. Edward Hyde in the event of anything happening to Dr. Jekyll. This seemed strange to Utterson who knew the doctor to be a sensible person. Utterson had met Mr. Hyde and thought him to be a cruel and unlikeable person. Utterson was convinced that it was a case of blackmail.

Some days later, there was a terrible murder committed in the streets of London. There had been an eye witness - a girl. She said that she had seen Mr. Edward Hyde committing the murder. The search was on for Mr. Hyde. But there was no trace of him. He had disappeared.

In the meantime, another of Dr. Jekyll’s friends, Dr. Lanyon had a strange request from Dr. Jekyll himself. He was asked to go to the doctor’s house and get a bottle of medicine from a locker. Once he had the medicine Dr. Jekyll would come and collect the bottle.

Dr. Lanyon wondered, “Why cannot Dr. Jekyll do this himself.” But he did as told.

A strange short man came to his house to get the bottle. It was Edward Hyde - the murderer.

Dr. Lanyon said, “You are not Dr. Jekyll.”

The man looked at Dr. Lanyon and said, “Indeed I am. Please give me the bottle of medicine and I will prove it to you.”

Once Mr. Hyde had the bottle in his hands, he opened and drank the contents. He shook violently and grabbed hold of a table to steady himself. Then all of a sudden Mr. Hyde’s body puffed up and grew larger. He collapsed on to the floor.

When, Mr. Hyde turned around and stood up, he was taller and not Mr. Hyde at all but Dr. Jekyll.

He said, “Dr. Lanyon, my friend, I am Dr. Jekyll, the medicine makes me evil. To cover up my identity I have gone with the name of Edward Hyde. It has ruined me and I will surrender to the police. You have been witness to this hideous change in me. Please inform the police.”

Dr Jekyll was arrested. The court was amazed to hear that the doctor’s experiment had led to his evil side committing all crimes. Dr. Jekyll was sentenced to life. He died in prison a year later.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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