Drug Addiction

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Drug Addiction :

Drug is a substance often habit formation, including sleep or producing stupor on insensibility (opium and cocaine). That is the meaning of drug.

In 1954, the Swiss Chemist Albert Hoffman accidentally ingested a little LSD (Lysergic Acid diethylamide). The effect he experienced was fantastic. The next day he swallowed a tiny quantity of the drug. What was the effect? He lost all control of him. Space and time became more and disorganised and he was overcome with fear that he was going crazy. He felt as being outside his body. He thought he had died He saw his body lying dead on the sofa. He observed his alter ego was moving around the room moaning.

This is the first ever description of an LSD trip in history. Since then millions have taken this fantastic trip to the realm of God only knows where. During the last 50 years or so the mad rush to take drug has reached such an alarming proportion. Drug addiction has become one of the worst possible problems in every country. It is a global problem. In the face legal ban black market pushers have almost proclaimed an undeclared war on authorities.

The drugs that threaten the social order are of recent origin. They broadly fall into three groups.

1) stimulants
2) sedatives
3) hallucinogens

But some of the drugs like opium had been in use from very ancient times. Their use was confined to individuals as also in their crude form. They were used mainly as medicines. So the use hardly posed a social problem.

Recently a survey was conducted in Mumbai and Bangalore to know the exact percentage of drug addiction among college students. Then it revealed more than 20%. Now it may be double. As already stated drug addiction can be found everywhere. There is great demand for drugs and it is very profitable business. So crores of rupees worth drugs are smuggled. Most commonly used drugs are heroin, Brown sugar, morphine, cannabis and LSD. Heroin is injected while brown sugar is used in cigarettes. Some of them are extractions from poppy plant. Opium is obtained front this plant. The plant produces a milky juice. Its tender seeds are also used for drugs. They are used for medicines. Unfortunately the man began to use this product for bad purposes.

Why do people that too youths cultivate this dreadful habit?

There are so many reasons. Each drug addict has his own problem. We can mention some of the reasons - friendship with drug addict, stress, a sort of bodily pain, not one but many problems, despair in love affairs, negligence of parents and elders, lack of proper guidance, not-so-interesting atmosphere of schools and colleges. Due to one or two reasons a person may become a drug addict. If a person becomes a drug addict see the consequences. They are unsteadiness, trembling, confusion, resemblance to drunkenness. Heroin and morphine can make the pupils of the eyes contract to a pin point. Cannabis can make the eyes red. LSD leads to disorientation as if the taker is living in a world of his own. Adding to this, there are character defects like un-reliability. indolence, neglect of food or personal cleanliness, aloofness and criminality (for obtaining the drug), yawning, running nose, itching, perspiration, restlessness, cramps, twitching and evil convulsion. If it is taken too much death is certain.

Having so many dreadful effects as mentioned above, one must think oneself whether it is useful on not.

The drug addiction is like a Chakravyuha. In the Mahabharata War Abhimanyu entered this Vyuha and fought bravely killing hundreds of heroes. But he could not come out of it because he did not have the knowledge of its exit. He was killed by the enemies. In the same way the drug addicts could not get out of the clutch of drugs. They not only ruin their own lives but also the family. For instance, there lived 38 years old couple in London. They were drug addicts. They had 15 months old child. Due to some reason the child used to cry at night. So they were unable to sleep. The mother gave the drug which they were taking to the child. In the morning the child could not get up. Due to overdose, the child died. The court sentenced the father 12 years imprisonments while the mother sentenced 7 years. Every country has its own laws banning this drug addiction. There is death sentence in some countries. The Government of India has promulgated an Act called The Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Substances Act 1985. The section 8 is very important. It tells the severity of punishment. If a person is involved in the following namely, possessing, storing, importing and exporting, using it will be severely punished. A minimum of ten years and a maximum of 20 years and also a fine of one lakh or two lakhs are levied according to the nature of the crime.

Of all the creation human life is a noble and precious one. Having such a noble life one should live peacefully. happily serving the family and the country. Several steps are being taken to help the victims of drug abuse. There are counseling centres which offer psychiatric therapy to deaddict the affected people. Substitute drugs are also used in deaddiction. In the other forms of treatment the addict is helped through group discussion and rigid exclusion of drugs to adjust his personality to a drug free existence. Lot of counseling service is provided to make them normal without a sense of shame or a fear of society.

Drug Addiction

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