Emphasising Adjective

Emphasising Adjective :

An emphasising adjective is used to emphasise statements. It heightens or reduces the effect of the noun they are modifying. Even if they are taken away, the sentence will still make complete sense.

For example :

It is sheer nonsense.

Clearly if the emphasising word sheer is removed, the statement means…It is nonsense.

Some of the other emphasising adjectives are : utter, such, absolute, total

Some more examples :

1. I was dismayed by his absolute ignorance.
2. There was utter pandemonium after the earthquake.
3. This is the same book that I wanted to buy.
4. The campaign was a complete success.
5. I saw all this with my own eyes.
6. This is the same man who was disturbing the meeting.
7. Mind your own business.
8. After the accident, there was an utter confusion on the road.
9. Ramesh was impressed by her complete honesty.
10. He is the same boy who has done his homework.
11. It is utter foolishness to break traffic rules.
12. The town was engulfed in complete darkness.

Example-Sentences with Adjectives :

1. This room has been decorated by my father.
2. He slipped on the wet ground.
3. Those men are not very strong.
4. I’d like some coffee, please.
5. Jai gave his own pen to Vijay for the examinations.
6. Many children like dinosaurs.
7. She is the only girl who has finished her project on time.
8. King Robert Bruce was a brave soldier.
9. Today is the last day of the festival.
10. There is not much ketchup left in the bottle.

Emphasising Adjective

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