Emphasizing Adjectives

Emphasizing Adjectives :

Study the following sentences.

1. She saw it with her own eyes.
2. He was beaten at his own games.
3. That is the very thing, I want.
4. My very enemies are my own dear friends.

The adjectives like, own and very emphasize the nouns they qualify.
So, they are called Emphasizing Adjectives.

Study the following sentences.

1. What a genius!
2. What a piece of work man is!
3. What a bliss it is!
4. What an idea you have given!
5. What a folly it is!

Note : WHAT in the above sentences is used as a mark of exclamation.
They are called Exclamatory Adjectives.

This - singular - Demonstrative Adjective

These - plural - Pronoun - denoting a person or thing near at hand, just mentioned or about to be mentioned

That - Demonstrative Pronoun or those (plural) – Adjective - Point out a person or thing - or refering to something already mentioned - not this but the other

This morning, I saw Mrs Jones.
Those sweets you gave me are very nice.

1. The cat was playing with a little live mouse.
2. It was not a recorded show. It was live.
3. It was a live wire that killed the boy when he touched it.
4. A live ass is better than a dead lion.
5. She is a person of few words.
6. Neither party is quite in the right.
7. Which book do you prefer?
8. A cross child is always intelligent.
9. Abdul won the third race.
10. He was absent from the class.
11. Have you seen an absent expression on her face?
12. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Note the adjectives in the above sentences.

Emphasizing Adjectives

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