Emphatic Pronouns

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Emphatic Pronouns :

Reflexive Pronouns = Emphatic Pronouns

Here is the list of reflexive pronouns.

1st Person – Singular – MYSELF
1st Person – Plural – OURSELVES

2nd Person – Singular – YOURSELF
2nd Person – Plural – YOURSELVES

3rd Person – Singular – HIMSELF, HERSELF & ITSELF
3rd Person – Plural – THEMSELVES

Reflexive pronouns are used when the same person is the subject and the object of a verb.

1. I saw myself in the mirror.
2. The boys are washing themselves.

These pronouns can also be used to emphasize nouns or pronouns.

1. I saw the mirror myself.
2. Tom has done the work himself.

When used in this way, these pronouns are sometimes called emphatic pronouns.

Emphatic Pronouns

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