English Poems

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English Poems :

Mastering English language could be easily done by reading thousands of poems written by classical poets and modern poets. They have brought out their observations and thoughts using the suitable words and correct rhythm. There are thousands of poems and poets who have composed very good classical poems which will stand the test of time. To read and hear good poetry is to appreciate the subtleties of cadence and rhythm. In addition, reading poetry is to feel the variety of pace and pattern and all that goes to make up the music of poetry. Every poem that we read adds to our total conception of poetry.

We advise all our readers to read English poems of all categories. And, you are advised to brood over the thoughts-process of those poets. Thinking over what is said in a said poem will bring into your focus the nuanced lines in those poems.

We have collected the important poems from various sources. These are important only as per our point of view. You might have enjoyed other poems which are not listed here. All of you are requested to let us have those poems that you enjoy.

Poems by Famous Authors :

  1. A Lecture upon The Shadow (John Donne )
  2. A Vision in A Dream - A Fragment ( S. T. Coleridge )
  3. After a Bath ( Aileen Fisher )
  4. I bend (Selena Odom )
  5. Kubla Khan ( S. T. Coleridge )
  6. Merry Go Round (Dorothy W. Baruch )
  7. Milton on Shakespear (John Milton )
  8. Milton on Time (John Milton )
  9. Mittu and The Yellow Mango (Chitra Narendran )
  10. One Little Kitten ( Carolyn Graham )
  11. The Divine Image (William Blake )
  12. The Human Abstract (William Blake )
  13. The Wild Swans at Coole (William Butler Yeats )
  14. Time and Time Again ( A. K. Ramanujan )
  15. Trees (Emily Dickinson )
Poems by Unknown Authors :

  1. A Kite
  2. A Little Turtle
  4. Cats
  5. Chhotu
  6. Clap…clap…clap…
  7. Clouds
  8. Colours
  9. Flying-Man
  10. FUN with NUMBERS
  11. Hop a little
  12. I skip…I hop…
  13. If I Were an Apple
  14. Once I saw a Little Bird
  15. One…two…
  16. Put your right hand up.
  17. The Little Bird
  18. The Little Clock
  19. This is my head.
  20. Tick tock
  21. Who is a Dad?

English Poems

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