English Speaking Activities

English Speaking Activities :

Fuction : Using a Picture Prompt

We have learnt much about various characters in history, in storybooks and in comic books. What would happen if we were to come across one of the characters in real life?

Activity : 1 - Individual Activity

Choose one of the heroic characters and imagine you met him / her on your way to school. Narrate the conversation and the experience you had with the person / character.

Preparation Time : 2 minutes
Speaking Time : 1 minute

Activity : 2 - Group Activity

Here are some situations given for you to enact. Provide the characters’ dialogues, actions and emotions that the characters in the scene might experience.

Beach scene - one little boy seems to be drowning in the water

Market scene - a lady is having an argument with a vendor

School playground - some children have found a wounded puppy

Home scene - a vase is broken and the parents are very angry with the children who were playing cricket in the house

Theatre scene - an act is going on - there is a scare and the audience is running helter-skelter

Preparation Time : 10 minutes
Enactment Time : 5 minutes

English Speaking Activities

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