Entitled to

Entitled to :

Entitle : (verb)

Meanings :

to give (someone) the right to do something or have something

Entitled to :

Example Sentences :

1. I think I'm entitled to know why I wasn't pay arrears.

2. We are not entitled to travel first class.

3. New parents are entitled to 3 months parental leave.

4. People living in this locality are entitled to housing benefits.

5. We are not entitled to recover the damages and the expense from the defendants.

6. You will be entitled to your pension only after you reach 6o.

7. Students and teachers are entitled to a discount.

8. All the employees are entitled to 12 days’ holiday a year.

9. As per the rules and regulations of our club, only full members of our club are entitled to vote.

10. The victims of the road-accidents are entitled to receive insurance-benefits from the government.

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