Environmental Pollution

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Environmental Pollution :

These two words are on the lips of each and every person. It has become a great subject for discussion and has become the worst possible problem. It has affected the health of the people. So this has attracted the attention of the WHO (World Health Organisation).

Environment refers to our surroundings. It includes plant life, animal life, air and water. Development of big industries, increase in the number of vehicles, destroying nature by cutting down trees, the greedy nature of man have caused air, water and noise pollution. Life and environment go together. Health and happiness of man depend to a great extent upon environment. If it is clean man will be hale and healthy. What exactly the situation now?

The situation is grim and serious, that too in big cities it is horrible. It is an universal fact that the whole of our surroundings are polluted. Man - so called the superior being is also polluted. He is lacking in the characteristics of human beings. He has become the ardent worshipper of Mammon and greedy in nature. The customs and rituals, blind beliefs also play a great role in this tragic drama. This is the main cause for water, air and noise pollution. Today, the water of all the rivers, tanks and lakes in India is unfit for drinking. They have become breeding centers of dreadful diseases. It is because all along the courses of the river people make it dirty by using it for all purposes. People wash vehicles, animals and dirty clothes. They throw the half burnt bodies and ashes.

The countless factories dump poisonous wastes into the rivers. Take for example the Ganges and the Dal Lake. This holy river becomes so polluted that it is not safe for drinking.

Air pollution is more dangerous than water pollution. Due to industrial revolution and invention of so many machines, thousands of industrial units were started. No doubt, these industrial units produced more and more goods. But the poisonous smoke of these factories and thousands vehicles pollute our atmosphere. The vehicles are also responsible for noise pollution. A high level of continuous noise is harmful to the nervous system. People who work in factories with machines become partially deaf by the time they retire. Another great problem of pollution is Ozone destruction. The ozone layer above the atmosphere is found to be getting destroyed. The ozone layer stops the ultra-violet rays from entering the atmosphere. So we have to protect it. What remedies should be taken to solve this problem?

It is not so easy to solve the problem of pollution. It requires the sordid efforts of both the Government and the people. In the first place, people must realize the danger and then they must do something solid work to solve this problem. They must and should co-operate with the Government in implementing various measures to eradicate this problem. Destruction of forests should be stopped. More and more trees and plants should be planted. The industrial units must start waste-treatment plants. To control emission of smoke from the transport vehicles, the old vehicles should be banned and adulteration of oil should be stopped. The problem of pollution is a challenge to the youths. They have to use their energy to safeguard the good earth from ruin. Let us protect our environment by getting rid of environmental pollution.

Environmental Pollution

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