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Example for Reading Comprehension :

Raman Research Institute is very important and popular centre in Bangalore. Once at the institute, a candidate was not given admission because he did not do well in his tests. When he got his travelling allowance, he found that he had been paid more. So he returned to the office to pay back the excess amount. When Raman came to know of this, he appreciated the candidate’s honesty and admitted him to the Institute. The candidate was not able to make out why he was admitted, when he had not done well in his tests. Raman told him; “I have admitted you to the Institute because of your character. You are not very good at physics, but I can teach you that”.


1) Who was Raman?

2) How were admissions made at the Raman Research Institute?

3) Why did the candidate not get the admission at first?

4) Why was he given the admission afterwards?

5) How did the candidate act when he gets more towards his travelling allowance?

6) Was Raman right in giving admission to his candidate when he had not done well in the tests?

7) To which place does the event relate? (Give reasons for your answer.)

8) Which of the following titles is the most suitable?

1) Raman 2) The Honest candidate 3) Honesty has its own reward.

Answers :

1) Raman was the head of the Raman Research Institute.

2) Admissions were made on merit at the tests.

3) The candidate did not get the admission at first because he had not done well in his tests.

4) He was given the admission afterwards because he proved himself to be honest.

5) He returned the excess amount to the Institute.

6) Yes : Raman was right in giving admission to the candidate. The reason is that the candidate proved himself to be honest and character is also important in life.

7) The event relates to the Raman Research Institute.

8) Honesty has its own reward.

Example for Reading Comprehension

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