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Example of Story Telling and Writing :

Ancient Cartage in Greece - Androcles slave – flees from cruel master into neighbouring forest - passes night in cave - in the morning awakes at a lion’s roar - lion moves slowly towards him - holds up a wounded paw to him – slave removes thorn - lion grateful - both live together – Androcles captured by his master’s men Governor orders death before a hungry lion - lion does not kill - the same lion governor enquires - sets Androcles free - and gives the lion also.

Answer - Androcles and The Lion

In ancient Carthage in Greece, there was a slave named Androcles. His master was very cruel. One day, owing to the cruelty of his master he ran away into the neighbouring forest. He walked on the whole day to find out some place where he could hide himself safely. At last he came to a cave and passed the night in it.

In the morning he was awakened by a lion’s roar. He was frightened and knew that his death was near. The lion moved slowly towards him. When he came near the slave, he held up his wounded paw to him. Androcles looked carefully at the paw and found a thorn in it. Then he removed it slowly. The beast relieved. He wagged his tail in gratitude for him and licked his feet. The slave and the lion became very intimate friends and they lived together.

Time passed, Androcles was homesick. So he returned to Carthaere.He was caught by his master’s men. Then he was brought before the Governor for trail. The Governor ordered that he be thrown before a hungry lion. Thousands of people went to the amphitheatre to see him fighting the lion. Androcles was in the arena encircled with a strong fence. But lo! when the lion came near him, he stopped short and licked his feet, for lucky he was the same lion whom he has helped. Androcles patted him. The Governor wondered very much and asked him the reason there of. Androcles told him all about the lion and the thorn. At this Governor was pleased with him and set him free and also gave the lion to him.

Example of Story Telling and Writing

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