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Example of Story Telling and Writing :


Robert Bruce ruled Scotland – fought - enemies – defeated - run away from the kingdom –forest - lived in cave - disappointed wanted to live in the cave - one day he saw a spider - attempted to climb the roof - failed 9 times – then succeeded - Bruce thought - it was succeeded - why not – collected the army - fought against the enemy - Won - back the kingdom.


After the capture of Wallace, Robert Bruce (1274-1329) became the leader of the Scots and was crowned The King in 1305 He was noble and full of love for his country. He wanted to free Scotland from the Yoke of England. England and Scotland were, therefore constantly at war. He gathered a big army and fought against the English several times. But every time he was defeated by the English army. He had a narrow escape. The English army chased him. So he ran to a dense forest. He hid himself in a cave. It was a deep and dark cave. He was very unhappy over disappointments. He decided not to fight again. He wanted to spend the rest of his days in the cave.

One day the king was thinking sadly. His eyes fell upon a spider. It was trying to reach the ceiling. It fell down to the floor. After while it tried again. But it fell down again. King Bruce watched the spider with keen eyes and courted its attempts. The spider made the next attempt with firm decision. This time it achieved its goal. The King ashamed of himself. He rose with new determination The spider taught him a lesson NEVER SAY DIE. But, say TRY AND TRY AGAIN. Then he gathered a large army once again. He fought bravely and drove the enemy out of the country.

Moral is…TRY and TRY AGAIN.

Example of Story Telling and Writing

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