Example Sentences in Past Participle

Example Sentences in Past Participle :

Example Sentences with the Past Tense or Past Participle of the Verbs :

1. A dentist draws a tooth.
2. The mouse creeps into its hole.
3. I beseech him to be careful.
4. The finger bleeds a good deal where it is cut.
5. She bears her sorrow bravely.
6. A storm sweeps across the sky.
7. They bid him farewell and some begin to weep.
8. They bind him hand and foot, and hold him fast.
9. The dog bites the wolf and clings to it with its teeth.
10. A cold wind blows.
11. He deals fairly with all.
12. He drinks to his friend's health and flings down the cup.
13. This man drives the engine which grinds the wheat.
14. They lead the stranger to the house where his friend dwells.
15. This bird never forsakes its nest.
16. The child kneels on the floor and leans against the bed.
17. He swims for half an hour daily.
18. The thief hides for an hour or two and then slinks away.
19. He never thinks twice, and sticks to what he says.
20. The earthquake shakes the ground; men's hearts sink with fear.
21. The spider spins its web and strives to catch a fly.
22. David slays the giant and strikes him with a sword.
23. He spins and weaves all day.
24. He strides along in his pride and swings his walking-stick.
25. The man who swears falsely throws aside all self-respect.
26. The sun has risen.
27. She was driven out of the house.
28. His sufferings were all borne with great patience (bear).
29. He was born on March 22, 1910.
30. His cheek was bitten by a gnat and is very much swollen.
31. He chose the very best fruit in the garden.
32. He was chosen king.
33. She bade us farewell.
34. Do as you are bidden.
35. He bid five hundred rupees for the horse.
36. He laid the book on the table.
37. The hens have laid no eggs today.
38. He lay dead on the ground.
39. He has lain awake in bed for hours.
40. Has the bell rung?
41. He rang me upon the telephone.
42. He swims every evening.
43. A woman has swum across the Dal Lake.
44. He struck him on the head.
45. I was stricken by her looks.
46. Rome was not built in a day.
47. The birds flew away when the ground was frozen.
48. They shrunk back when he sank at last in the water.
49. They slew the mad dog which had bitten the girl.
50. The prisoner was hanged.
51. They hung the pictures on the wall.
52. That dress is nearly worn out.
53. It was woven by hand.
54. He awoke at five o'clock and dug for two hours.
55. Has he sown the seed?
56. The ground strewed with dead leaves.
57. The prisoner was bound by hand and foot.
58. He swore that he would take revenge upon her.
59. Often a lie has cost a life.
60. He readily forgives his enemies.
61. He lost his temper, for he had lost all that he had.
62. Her company was sought after by all.

Example Sentences in Past Participle :

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Example Sentences in Past Participle
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