Example Sentences with Appropriate Prepositions

Example Sentences with Appropriate Prepositions :

1. I was brought up at Italy in Rome.

2. The moon rose at twelve o'clock in the night.

3. He lives at Nuddea in the State of West Bengal.

4. The field was ploughed up by a peasant and a pair of oxen.

5. No one has seen him since Thursday last.

6. I have not seen him since his last birthday.

7. He will not get home after sunset.

8. I shall be ready to start in two or three hours.

9. Take care to be back by midday.

10. I shall not be back after the end of the week.

11. He has been absent from home since Friday last.

12. I do not think he will return by the 30th of next month.

13. Let me see you again in an hour's time.

14. I have lived in Allahabad since 1st March.

15. I was born in India at Bombay.

16. I shall expect you to be here by four o'clock.

17. You should be here at least by three hours from the present time.

18. He shot this bird with a gun.

19. I have not seen him for the last three days.

20. You need not get up before eight A.M.

21. You must go to bed by nine P.M. the latest.

22. It rained for seven to twelve o'clock.

23. I have not heard of you in the last week.

24. I have lived in Calcutta for a year.

25. I live in Delhi at No.5 Lawrence Square.

26. I have had no rest for the last hour.

27. He always failed in want and help.

28. We were entirely satisfied with his services.

29. By all appearances he is seriously ill.

30. He is still poor after all his labors.

31. I prefer a book of travels to one with pictures.

32. He is taller than you by two inches.

33. That portrait is true to life.

34. We must take advice of that matter.

35. He inquired with us whether the train would arrive at twelve o'clock.

36. He missed his aim and they all laughed at him.

37. He was faithful by deed as well as by word.

38. My friend is not only learned in Sanskrit, but also well versed in modem studies.

39. He is clever at translation.

40. He is always engaged in business.

41. He was always short of money.

42. He saved all the money he could spare in a rainy day.

43. That city is forty miles from here.

44. We are now within three miles from the house.

45. He is in debt.

46. Calcutta is not very far from the sea.

47. He was acquitted of that charge.

48. We are little duty today, but shall be more duty again tomorrow.

49. The class-room is in order.

50. The flute is by tune.

51. Can you cure me of this disease?

52. I differ from you entirely.

53. I have made a contract with him.

54. He has a bad habit of arguing with other persons about trifles.


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Example Sentences with Appropriate Prepositions :

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