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Examples on Expansion :

1) Honesty is the best policy.

Experience has shown that honesty is a virtue. It is commendable even from a business point of view. Honesty succeeds for better in the long run. It is because successful business relations depend to a very large extent on mutual trust and confidence. The honest man inspires this. It ensures safely. The man who is honest has nothing to fear. He makes no enemies, only friends who are sure to stand by him in case of need. But a dishonest man has no peace of mind. He will be looked upon with distrust and suspicion. He is frequently in difficulties. It has been well said therefore that Knavery may serve a turn but honesty is best in the end.

2) No Man is completely Happy.

Every human being wants to live happily. Some people think that money and wealth are very important things to lead a happy life. But they do not think of other factors. The first and foremost thing is good health. Again this good health depends upon healthy and sound body. What is the use of having crores of rupees when your body has given shelter to blood-Pressure and diabetes. So material things do not constitute happiness. The more we have, the more we want. Alexander the Great was not content with overcoming the whole world, but actually wept for more worlds to conquer. Then who is the happy man. A man who turns his mind and heart to our ancient scripts and God is a happy man.

Examples on Expansion

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