Exclamatory Pronouns

Exclamatory Pronouns :

Interrogative Pronouns

An Interrogative Pronoun is one which asks a question. What, who, which, how are whose Are few of the pronouns belonging to this type.

Forms of Interrogatives :

The Interrogative Pronoun has the following different forms.

1. Who spoke? (Nominative to the Verb)
2. Of whom did he speak? (Accusative after Preposition)
3. What did he say? (Accusative after the Verb - say)
4. Whose book is that? (Genitive Case)
5. Which of these boys will win the prize? (Selective)

The student should observe the different meanings of the Interrogatives used in the following sentences.

(a) Who is he?
(b) What is he?
(c) Which is he?

In (a) WHO inquires about the name or parentage of some person that has been named.

In (b) the WHAT inquires about his calling or social status.

What is he? - A lawyer

In (c) the WHICH inquires about some particular person out of a definite group of persons.

The man who stole my purse is among the prisoners here present. Which is he? Point him out.

Example Sentences :

1. Where are you? 2. What is the name of your college?
3. What is the capital of Mexico?
4. Who is the father of your mother?
5. When did you finish your graduation?
6. What do you want for your wedding day?
7. What is the nature of your boss?

WHAT and WHICH are used to ask about people, places and things.

1. What is your native?
2. What do you prefer for dinner?
3. What is your name?
4. What is your dog’s name?
5. What is this all about?
6. What is the next period?

WHO is used to ask about people.

1. Who is your mother?
2. Who is our science teacher?
3. Who are they?
4. Who did come to our house yesterday?
5. Who is taking oath today?
6. Who is caring about you all?
7. Who is your care-taker?

WHOM and WHOSE are rarely used these days. But they are used to ask about people.

1. Whom did you talk to?
2. Whom do you live with?
3. Whose sweater is this?
4. Whose balloon is this?
5. Whose name is Raja?
6. Whose ball is this?

These pronouns take on the suffix EVER. A few can also take on the old-fashioned suffix SOEVER.

1. Whatever
2. Whatsoever
3. Whichever
4. Whoever
5. Whosoever
6. Whomever
7. Whomsoever
8. Whosever

Exclamatory Pronouns

The Interrogative WHAT and HOW may be used in an exclamatory sense.

1. What folly!
2. What a foolish man he is!
3. How beautiful she is!
4. What a wonderful people!
5. What a clean village!


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Exclamatory Pronouns :

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