Exercise on Auxiliaries and Modals

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Exercise on Auxiliaries and Modals :

Find the auxiliaries in the following sentences.

1. I have switched off the TV, because I must do my homework.

2. We didn’t go out because it was raining.

3. Usha was ill, so I did the whole housework.

4. Do you know the woman who is wearing a blue sari?

5. A child whose mother had left him was crying.

6. I would be grateful if you could do me this favour.

7. Do I need to meet you again?

8. The girl who is standing at the gate is my cousin.

9. Did you visit Qutab Minar when you were in Delhi?

10. It has been raining all day.

11. 1 can look after the children while you are away.

12. 1 will be seeing you one of these days.

13. The windows were being cleaned when we were there.

14. He broke his leg, so he was taken to hospital.

15. We are glad that you are coming to see us.

Exercise on Auxiliaries and Modals

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