Exercise on Collective Nouns

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Exercise on Collective Nouns :

Pick out the collective nouns in the following.

1. The crowd cheered the cricketer.
2. The police have caught the thief.
3. The crew of the ship was attacked.
4. I am a member of the committee.
5. There is a herd of cattle in the field.
6. I can see a fleet of boats on the sea.
7. There is a group of tall trees beside the river.
8. Mohan and I are in the same class.
9. There is a pile of books on the table.
10. A team of doctors worked all night to save her life.
11. My father doesn’t take sugar in tea.
12. Oil floats on water.
13. Gold is a precious metal.
14. I take bread and butter in the morning.
15. The tin is empty; who has eaten the biscuits?
16. She has gone to market to buy meat and vegetables.
17. There is no ink in this pen.
18. A cow’s milk is good for health.

Exercise on Collective Nouns

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