Exercise on Comma

Exercise on Comma :

Insert commas, where necessary, in the following sentences.

1. The triple alliance consisted of Germany Austria and Italy.

2. The roof of the house having caught fire the inmates fled and remained outside until the fire was put out.

3. From morning till noon from noon to evening from evening to midnight his grief never leaves him.

4. Early this morning when we had just left the house we met the man we had been looking for.

5. I hope my friend that you will come and spend at least a week with us.

6. He has now grown so old that he spends most of his time in sleeping taking his food or sitting in an easy chair.

7. I remain my dear sir yours faithfully William Matthews.

8. To tell you the plain truth I should be glad to retire from business altogether considering that I am now past seventy years of age and have a son to succeed me.

9. The boatman shouted to a man on shore throw out the rope.

10. The prisoner having been convicted of the crime of which he was accused must suffer the penalty.

Exercise on Comma :

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