Exercise on Kinds of Nouns

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Exercise on Kinds of Nouns :

Pick out the nouns in the following sentences and classify them.

1. Tagore was a great poet.

2. Robert scored forty runs that day.

3. I saw the actor in Mumbai on Sunday.

4. My dog is called Sony.

5. The boy has gone to school.

6. Padma is staying with her aunt in Bengaluru.

7. May is usually the hottest month.

8. You should show’ respect for your teachers.

9. Our soldiers fought with great courage.

10. There is truth in his story.

11. My friend listened with pleasure to the beautiful music.

12. The girl lost her parents in childhood.

13. The women stood there in fear.

14. She felt sorrow for the death of her dog.

Exercise on Kinds of Nouns

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