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Exercise on Precis Writing :


The Greek republics were small towns where the pressure and fatigue of city life was not felt. The Greek themselves were essentially townsmen who never desire to see more of their country than its olives and its grapes. But as soon as the days of the Greek republics were over and men began to congregate for imperial purposes into Antioch or Alexandria or lastly into Rome, then we see the effect of noise and dust and smoke and turmoil breaking out into the natural longing for rural rest and retirement so that from Alexander’s day we find all kinds of authors - epic poets, lyrists, novelists and preachers agreeing in the praise of nature, its rich colours and its varied sounds.


Write summary of the following passage of about one-third of the original length.

The great advantage of early rising is the good start it gives us in our day’s work. The early riser has done a large amount of hard work before other men have got out of bed. In the early morning the mind is fresh and there are few sounds or other distractions, so that work done at that time is generally well done. In many cases the early riser also finds time to take some exercise in the fresh morning air and this exercise supplies him with a fund of energy that will last until the evening. By beginning so early, he knows that he has plenty of time to do thoroughly all the work he can be expected to do and is not tempted to hurry over any part of it. All his work is being finished in good time. He has a long interval of rest in the evening before the timely hour when he goes to bed. He gets to sleep several hours before midnight at the time when sleep is most refreshing and after a sound night’s rest, rises early next morning in good health and spirits for the labours of a new day.

Exercise on Precis Writing

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