Exercise on Punctuation

Exercise on Punctuation :

Punctuate the following, using capitals where necessary.

1. A young rajah once said to his vizier how is it that I am so often ill I take great care of myself I never go out in the rain I wear warm clothes I eat good food yet I am always catching cold or getting fever

2. There was once a poor man who could no longer keep his only son the son said dear father things are so bad that I feel I am a burden to you I would rather go forth and seek some way of earning my bread his father gave him his blessing and said what a terrible thing it is to part from you I shall always pray for your success and happiness.

3. One day walking together up a hill I said to friday do you not wish yourself in your own country again yes he said what would you do there said I would you turn wild and eat mens flesh again he looked full of concern and shaking his head said no no

4. When a great office is vacant either by death or disgrace which often happens five or six of these candidates petition the emperor to entertain his majesty and the court with a dance on the rope and whoever jumps the highest without falling succeeds to the office

5. Your son is certainly a boy of ability said the headmaster but it all depends upon you whether he is to do well at school what an extraordinary statement said the father how can his progress possibly depend upon me you can see replied the headmaster that he also does his homework carefully oh yes said the father I can do at least that much

6. What do you want I asked as he came into the room its none of your business he replied walking rapidly across the floor I jumped to my feet and before he could escape I seized him by the collar come now I said are you going to answer my question respectfully or not

7. Confucius called them back and said to them my boys let me tell you something that is more important than arguments about the sun and the moon and the earth it is this never do to others what you would not like them to do to you remember my words for there may come a time when the earth and the sun may be no more but these words of mine will live for ever

8. Know thyself was the motto of socrates and the chief point of his doctrine was that everyone should acquire knowledge from knowledge he said comes virtue and goodness from ignorance comes all that is evil he argued that no man willingly chooses what is evil he does evil out of ignorance therefore the chief aim of life should be to acquire knowledge and after two thousand years of civilization the world today recognizes that socrates was right

9. He was dressed in a plain yellow robe and carried a bowl in his hand to beg from charitable people a meal once a day he was at this time about forty five years old with a beautiful face and sweet loving eyes and everyone that met him was struck with awe at the wonder and beauty of his face people often called him buddha and wherever he went crowds came to listen to him he told them how to be kind and charitable never to hurt or kill any living creature and to speak only true and kind words

10. A quaker was one day walking on a country road he was suddenly met by a highwayman pointing a pistol the man exclaimed your money or your life my friend said the quaker I cannot deliver my money for I should be helping thee in evil doing however exchange is lawful and I will give thee my purse for the pistol the robber agreed on receiving the pistol the quaker at once held it at the robbers head and said now friend my purse back or the weapon may go off fire said the robber there is no powder in the pistol

Exercise on Punctuation :

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Exercise on Punctuation - Exercise on Punctuation
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