Exercise on Question Tags

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Exercise on Question Tags :

Add question tags to the following.

1. This CD is yours.

2. She can cook.

3. They are away.

4. That dog bites strangers.

5. Venu looked unhappy.

6. I’m not late.

7. I’m right.

8. You are joking.

9. You know his address.

10. Mary hasn’t come.

11. Open the window.

12. Don’t go out.

13. We needn’t work today.

14. He will pay the bill.

15. John didn’t want to go.

16. The food wasn’t good.

17. You haven’t finished.

18. There were lots of people at the fanfare.

19. Don’t forget the umbrella.

20. Let’s have some fresh air.

21. Anyone could just walk in here.

22. Something should be done.

23. Nobody complained.

24. There wasn't anybody there.

25. Nothing is wrong.

Exercise on Question Tags

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