Exercise on Simple Present Tense

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Exercise on Simple Present Tense :

Choose the correct alternative to complete each sentence.

1. Tom, Gopi and Ali go to school together.

2. Kangaroos live in grassland areas.

3. He usually read till midnight.

4. Bees make honey.

5. The train arrives at 10.50.

6. Sheila and I work at St Anne’s School.

7. The match starts at 4.30.

8. Money does not always bring happiness.

9. We often have bread for breakfast.

10. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

11. My children watch too much TV.

12. Courtesy costs nothing.

13. Bats fly at night.

14. The earth turns on its axis once every 24 hours.

15. He doesn’t know Hindi.

16. The school holidays begin next week.

17. My neighbours eat in front of the TV.

18. Oceans and seas cover about 70% of the earth.

19. The governor opens the bridge on 16th.

20. What time do you usually close the shop?

Exercise on Simple Present Tense

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