Exercise on Simple Present Tense

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Exercise on Simple Present Tense :

You have learnt that the simple present is used for….

(A) habits or things that happen again and again
(B) general truths
(C) things that stay the same for a long time
(D) official programmes and timetables in the future

Look at the sentences completed by you in this page and say how the simple present is used in each sentence. Write A, B, C or D against the sentences.

Make the following sentences (i) negative (ii) interrogative.

1. They live in Nagpur.
2. You drive carefully.
3. She uses the Internet daily.
4. These grapes taste sweet.
5. This pen writes well.

Answer these questions in complete sentences.

1. What time do you usually get up?
2. What do you often eat for breakfast?
3. What time do you go to school?
4. What time do you have lunch?
5. What games do you play at school?
6. What time do you get back from school?
7. What do you usually do after returning home?
8. What time do you go to bed?
9. Do you read the newspaper every day?
10. Do you often watch TV?

Put in the correct simple present form of the verbs in brackets.

Ashok__________ (live) next door. He___________(like) me as much as I __________ (like) him. We___________(go) to school together. We usually_________(play) games in the evening. He often_________(play) football. I usually________(play) badminton.

Exercise on Simple Present Tense

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