Exercise on Story Telling and Writing

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Exercise on Story Telling and Writing :

Exercise - 1

Complete the story and give the title.

Long time ago- Banares - in one of the temples - a priest saw - plate of gold - priest puzzled - Went up to the plate – examined - on the back – written - A gift from heaven to the most loving among men - interesting thing happened - priests tried – turned into dull lead - kept it on the platform inside the temple

Rich people - gave alms - tried their luck - gold plate – steel - Charity became a fashion - beggars increased - No body got - months passed one day a poor peasant – Banares - he never heard of the plate of gold – worship - temple. In front of the temple - crowd of beggars - crippled – starving - peasant ran to a beggar - body full of sores - cleaned with his towel – gave - little food – brother - have no money blessed may God bless you - went inside

Prayed before the God - long lime-look of peace – his face. The chief priest saw - took the peasant - plat form - narrated he story - asked him to pick up the plate - plate began to shine brighter and brighter - God chosen - man on earth

Exercise – 2

Complete the above story and suggest the title.

In Delhi an old lady - living unfortunately loses sight - calls in doctor – saw - very good furniture - old lady agrees to pay fees if cured completely doctor visits daily - treats her. but everyday he takes - best furniture - delays cure - at last cures - doctor demands fees – lady – refusal - He goes to the court - she says Sight is not restored completely - cannot see best furniture in the house

The judge orders - doctor returns the furniture – lady – payment

Exercise on Story Telling and Writing

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