Exercise on The Parts of Speech

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Exercise on The Parts of Speech :

Name the part of speech of each of the words in bold.

1. The film has come out on video.

2. Hurry up or you will arrive late.

3. I haven’t got any blank CDs.

4. A guest is unwelcome when he stays too long.

5. A small leak may sink a great ship.

6. They have sent me an email, asking me to email my CV.

7. Kind words are worth much and cost nothing.

8. Shh! You will wake up the baby.

9. I got the information from the Internet.

10. Put your hands up if you know the answer.

11. Don’t put of till tomorrow what you should do today.

12. Wasted time never returns.

13. Wow! What a shot!

14. The train suddenly started as I was getting on.

15. Most of the things worth doing in the world seemed impossible before they were done.

Name the parts of speech in each sentence below.

Three friends, Gopal, Abdul and Peter, shared a flat on the 60,h floor of a skyscraper in New York. One night they returned home together and found that the lifts of the building were out of order and could only be repaired the next day. The only way to reach their flat was to walk up the stairs.

“It’s a long way to the top.” said Gopal. “I’ll sing while we go up the first 20 floors. Abdul, you tell us jokes over the next 20 floors. Peter, you tell us sad stories over the last 20. That will take our mind off the hard task.

They began climbing. Gopal sang song after song and they were soon on the 20'1’ floor. Then Abdul took over. He entertained his friends with jokes and they were on the 40lh floor.

“Now, it is my turn,” said Peter sadly, “and let me begin with the saddest story. I left the house keys in the car."

“Oh, how awful!” exclaimed his friends.

Exercise on The Parts of Speech

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