Exercise on Verbs

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Exercise on Verbs :

Choose the correct verb forms.

1. The police (has, have) arrested the thief.

2. Physics (is, are) his main subject.

3. Your spectacles (is, are) on the table.

4. There (is, are) some people outside.

5. Neither Kapil nor his wife (was, were) at home.

6. My trousers (is, are) getting too small round the waist.

7. Thirty rupees (is, are) not much for all the trouble we have taken.

8. Some of them are standing; see that all the audience (is, arc) seated.

9. My scissors (is, are) lost.

10. There (seem, seems) to be many differences between the two parties.

11. The Prime Minister, with the Minister for External Affairs and the Minister for Finance, (has left, have left) for America.

12. The Woodlanders (is, are) an interesting novel.

13. Here (is, are) the news.

14. More than one minister (is, are) going to resign.

15. There (is, are) plenty of pins in the drawer.

16. Neither the manager nor the workers (was, were) present.

Exercise on Verbs

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