Exercise on WH Questions

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Exercise on WH Questions :

Ask questions as shown in the examples.

Examples :

(a) A: He is shouting. (Why)
B : Why is he shouting ?

(b) A : The train left. (When)
B : When did the train leave?

1. A: She has gone.
B : Where

2. A : 1 talked to the manager.
B: When

3. A: I play cricket.
B : How often

4. A : It has been raining.
B : How long

5. A : I paid for the grapes.
B : How much

6. A : I didn’t go with him.
B : Why

7. A : She is reading.
B: What

8. A: She returned home.
B : What time

A : The window broke.
B : How

A : I have borrowed some money from Anand.
B : How much money

A : He drinks coffee.
B : How often

A : We saw a film.
B : Which film

Exercise on WH Questions

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