Exercises on Reading Comprehension

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Exercises on Reading Comprehension :

In Rajagruha, the Buddha preached for a number of monks. In that city, there was a poor street-sweeper called Sunitha. He lived in a thatched hut in a lonely place, not far away from the town. He swept the roads very well regularly everyday. He was also honest and obedient. Though he had a lot of work to do, he did not complain about it. So people liked him and gave him some food.

Sunitha has a great desire to hear his discourse and see him personally. But he had no time and moreover he was a sweeper. Buddha used to see the clean swept streets. He often asked the people who swept these streets and the people always replied SUNITHA.

"He does his work very well”, said the Buddha.

"People should keep their minds also clean like these streets”.

Sunitha’s joy knew no bounds when heard this from the people.

One day Buddha walked through the cleaned streets with his begging-bowl. People stood outside their houses to look at the Great one. At the other end of the street Sunitha was busy at his work. No one paid any attention to him. The Buddha walked on. The people looked at one another and asked, “Where is he going?” They expected him to stop in front of their houses for food. But he walked straight on.

Everyone was silent. Sunitha stopped his work. He looked up and saw the Buddha walking towards him. His heart beat wildly. He was unable to speak. He was gazing at him.

Then the Buddha himself spoke, “Sunitha I have come in search of you”.

Sunitha said," Master, I am a poor sweeper. I am not a learned man. I don’t know anything about the world”.

“Master, is it possible for me to become a monk?”

“You are one already”. You lead a clean and pure life.”


1. What did the Buddha do in Rajagruha?
2. Who was Sunitha and where did he live?
3. Name four qualities of Sunitha?
4. What did the Buddha say when he saw clean swept-streets?
5. What did Sunitha say to the Buddha?
6. What was Sunitha’s ambition?
7. Give the proper heading to the passage.

Exercises on Reading Comprehension

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