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Expansion :

An exercise in expansion appears to be precisely opposite of an exercise in epitomisation. Expansion is a process of enlargement, where as epitomisation is a process of condensation.

Follow the directions carefully.

1) Devote a few minutes to thinking over and grasping. This is very important. If you make a mistake here, all your work will be in vain.

2) Arrange your ideas. Set down the important points in the order in which they should be developed.

3) You have to avoid uninteresting phrases as….These lines teach us….This proverb means….The meaning of the saying is. Such openings are dull and indicate lack of originality.

4) Write simply and to the point. Keep the I out of your expansion. It is safest to write in the third person.

5) The last but not the least point. Revise carefully, what you have written, correcting all the errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar and idiom.


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