Festival of Christmas

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Festival of Christmas :

Christmas is celebrated all over India. This is the time when Christians all over the world rejoice over the birth of Christ nearly two thousand years ago. It is the season of peace and goodwill when all enmity should be forgotten. The attractive figure of this festival is Santa Claus. The elders say to the children that he is a lovable old man. He goes round giving presents to everyone. He lives at the North Pole and travels in a sledge, drawn by reindeer. Another attractive and beautiful thing at Christmas is the Christmas tree. It is a gaily decorated tree. Coloured bulbs and toys hanging from every branch are very beautiful to see. All the Christmas presents are put under the tree. Carols are the special songs which are sung in churches and in all Christian homes.

The essential thing about Christmas is not only what took place in Bethlcham two thousand years ago, but it is rather the fact that Christ is born and the love of God is revealed in this world to day. The message of Christmas is not only a message of peace but also of hope.

Festival of Christmas

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