Festival of DASARA

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Festival of DASARA :

This is another famous festival. This festival lasts ten days. The first nine days are sacred to the Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. The tenth day is called Vijayadashami and that marks the end of the festival. This is the festival of friendship and goodwill. Display of dolls is very popular in this festival. Each house has its own display of various kinds of dolls. Some women and children toil for 15 days in arranging parks, dams, waterfalls. This is very attractive festival for children because in each house they get something to eat.

Mysore city is a place where Dasara is celebrated with great splendour and the city attracts thousands of visitors at that time of the year. But the past-glory will not be there now. During the Maharaja’s rule, this festival was world-famous. The King’s court and Dasara procession attracted peoples of all the countries of the world. Illumination of the palaces Chamundi temple and other famous buildings and streets, appear like Amaravathi. But now it is called Nada Habba.

Festival of DASARA

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