Festival of Ganesh Chaturthi

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Festival of Ganesh Chaturthi :

The worship of Ganesh is very popular in almost all the religious people except Muslims and Christians. It is very common festival in Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and Maharastra. But in Maharastra people celebrate Ganesh Chaiurthi in a very grand .scale. The celebrations last about a week or a fortnight. In some areas people keep the idol even for the month. What do the people do all these days? This is the time when music concerts, discussions, debates, speeches are arranged. There will be dances and dramas and Yakshagana performances. On the final day Ganesha idol is taken in procession which is sometimes more than a mile long. The festival comes to a close with the immersion of the idol in a lank or a river or in the sea. The procession of Mumbai is very spectacular to sec. The great freedom fighter Lokamanya Tilak used this celebration for his propaganda and to instill nationalism in the heart of meek people of those days.

Festival of Ganesh Chaturthi

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