Festival of ONAM

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Festival of ONAM :

This is the festival of Kerala. It is celebrated at the end of autumn. It lasts nine days. The last day is called Tiruvonam. It is like Dasara, the tenth day is called Vijaya Dashami. During Onam festival games and boat races are held throughout the state (Kerala). People have all sorts of good food-banana, jack-fruit, various rice dishes and fine pappadams.

People wear new clothes and exchange presents. But there are some different things. During Onam festival every street in every town and village glows with colour. In front of every house, there are beautiful patterns made of different kinds of flowers. It is called Kolam. Every street in Kerala appears like a beautiful carpet. Women dance and sing onam songs. There is harmony among all religious people. Muslims and Christians also join in the celebration of this festival.

Festival of ONAM

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