Festivals of India

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Festivals of India :

As soon as we hear the word Festivals, India appears before our eyes.

India is the land of many rituals, customs and traditions. It is also the land of more festivals than any other country in the world. It is because our country is vast and varied. People in India belong to different religions. It is but natural that each religion has its own festivals. There are hundreds of festivals. Some festivals are found only in some particular region and some are common. It is highly impossible to write about them in a short essay.

Some of the best known festivals are….

1. Deepavali (or) Diwali
2. Holi
3. Pongal (or) Makarasankranti
4. Ganesh Chathurthi
5. Dasara
6. Onam
7. Christmas
8. Ramzan

The main purpose of all these festivals is to thank and to worship God.

Festivals of India

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