Fine Weather

Fine Weather :

Once King Akbar posed a question to his courtiers, “Tell me when is the weather at its finest.”

The courtiers were eveready to please the King and earn a reward. One of them got up and said, “Your Majesty, the weather is at its best in the spring season. Light breezes blow, the colourful flowers sway along. The cool temperature pleases everyone.”

“No…Your Majesty,” another replied. “Winter is the best. We get so many vegetables to choose from and a variety of hot beverages. Groundnuts and warm blankets warm our hearts, too.”

Another courtier intervened. “It is the summer that has the best weather. It is hot but there are cool wines and walks by the rivers to be enjoyed.”

Now it was Birbal’s turn to answer. He got up and said, “Your Majesty, the finest -weather is that when a man is well fed. If a man is hungry, he won’t enjoy the spring breeze, the cold will bite him and the heat will make him even more restless. But a well fed man will enjoy the monsoon showers, the summer breeze and the warm fires. A hungry stomach leaves the mind with nothing to think about but food.”

King Akbar was once again won over by Birbal’s clever reply.

Fine Weather

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