Formation of the Possessive Case

Formation of the Possessive Case :

Formation of the Possessive Case :

When the noun is singular, the possessive case is formed by adding‘s to the noun.

The girl’s skirt: the boy’s shirt

Note : the letter‘s is omitted in certain words where too many hissing sounds come together.

For goodness’ sake, for Jesus’s sake for conscience’ sake

When the noun is plural, and ends in s, the possessive is formed by adding only an apostrophe.

Boys ‘school; Girls’ hostel

When the noun is in plural but does not end in‘s’ the possessive is formed by adding‘s’ as

Men’s room; Children’s playground

When a noun or a title consists of several words, the possessive sign is attached only to the last words.

The Prince of Wale’s coronation.

When two nouns are in opposition, the possessive sign is put to the latter only; as These are Shakespeare, the playwright’s plays.

Each of two or more connected nouns meaning separate possession must take the possessive sign.

Dicken’s and Austin’s novels.

Formation of the Possessive Case

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