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I should like a bath. (like - infinitive without TO)
I should think so. (think - infinitive without TO)

Note : Shall : (verb) - negative short form shan't.

modal + verb

Some times used with I and WE to express the future tense

I shall tell her - (modal + verb) – (tell - infinitive without TO)

Should : (verb) negative short form shouldn't - (modal + verb)

(expressing duty or what is necessary or desirable - ought to)

The photos / should / be / ready. (modal + verb)
(be - infinitive without TO)

1. It's odd that you should mention him.
(Should mention – verb - mention - infinitive TO)

will : (verb) - short form 'll
negative short form - won't - modal + verb)

1. The wedding will take place in July.
modal – verb - will take
take - infinitive without TO

1. We will see you next week.
2. New recruits will report to the sergeant.

would : (verb) negative short form - wouldn't
modal - verb - used instead of WILL to report what someone has said, asked etc.

1. They said they would meet us at 10.30 a.m.
2. Which would you rather do - go to the cinema or stay at home.
3. What would you do if you won a million rupees?

do : (verb)

Present tense : do
Past tense : did
Past participle : done
Present participle : doing
3rd person singular - present tense : does

Auxiliary verb + verb - used with another verb, especially to form questions or negatives

1. Do you like my car?
2. Where do you live?
3. Doesn't he look funny?
4. Not only did I see him, but I also spoke to him.
5. I did tell you.

like, live, look, see & tell - infinitives without TO

did : past tense of DO
may : (verb) 3rd person singular may
negative short form - mayn't
modal + to verb - used to show possibility - to be perhaps likely to

1. We may go climbing in the Alps next summer.
2. He may come. (come - infinitive without TO)
3. We will do whatever may be necessary. (be - infinitive without TO)
4. I may go. (go - infinitive without TO)

The Infinitive without TO is also used after the verbs shall, will, do, did, should, would, may, might, can, could and must.

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